Competitive Events and Tallo

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Participation in many HOSA Competitive Events at ILC requires competitors to upload digital materials to Tallo.
The following competitive events require Tallo uploads for ILC. Competitors should check at the local level to determine what events require a digital upload through Tallo for any regional and state conferences. 
  1. Clinical Specialty
  2. Community Awareness
  3. Creative Problem Solving
  4. Extemporaneous Health Poster
  5. Health Career Display 
  6. Health Career Photography
  7. Health Education
  8. Healty Lifestyle
  9. Interviewing Skills
  10. Job Seeking Skills
  11. Life Support Skills
  12. Medical Innovation
  13. MRC Partnership
  14. Organizational Leadership
  15. Parliamentary Procedure
  16. Personal Care
  17. Prepared Speaking
  18. Public Health
  19. Public Service Announcement
  20. Researched Persuasive Writing and Speaking
  21. Speaking Skills
HOSA Members must have a Tallo account, and submit the required materials per the event guidelines by May 15, 2021. Please note there is  a file size limit for submissions on Tallo.  To avoid an upload error, please be sure to save your PDF as a compressed file or reduce the size of your embeded images. For instructions on how to do this, please visit:

Competing Is Easy. Here’s How:

1             Join Tallo (Powered by STEMPremier)

•    Go to

•    Click the “Start Your Profile” button and create youraccount

•    Add HOSA to yourprofile

o   Once you are logged in, scroll down to the "Memberships, Extracurricular Activities, and Hobbies"section.

o   Click on the "Organization or Club"button.

o   Search for HOSA under "What is the organization orclub".

o   Fill out the other questions can click"Save".


2             Search for HOSA Competitive Event

•    Select “Opportunities” at the top of your screen when loggedin

•    In the “Organization Name” search box type in “HOSA”; wait for the list of pre-populated organizations to appear, and then select your state association from the drop-down box (Example HOSA-Future Health Professionals | California). Click the blue “Search”box.

•    Select your competitive event from the list that appears to the right. Make sure that you have selected the proper state!

3             Submit Materials and Apply for Competitive Event

•    Follow the steps and provide required information for your event

•    Click “Apply Now” when ready tosubmit

•    You have until the state deadline (contact state advisor) or ILC deadline (June 01,2020) to change any content and re-upload your submissions. The material in Tallo as of June 01, 2020 is considered final for ILC.

4           To edit your submission

o   Click the profile picture on the top right of your screen inTallo.

o   Click “My Opportunities” and select your event.

o   Follow  the  instructions for editing your submission


5          How to Check the Status of Your Submission

o   Click on your profile picture in the top-right of thescreen

o   Click “My Opportunities” from the drop-down menu

o   You should see any opportunities you have submitted. There is a status section that will show – “Submitted”, “In progress”, etc.

o  As long as the deadline has not passed, you should be able to edit this submission.