Competitive Event Useful Tools

Be sure to also read the General Rules and Regulations and CE Appendices for important information related to CE. 

2020-2021 CE Updates and Changes: 

20-21 Highlights of CE Changes - Handout (August 3, 2020)

20-21 Highlights of CE Changes - PowerPoint (July 15, 2020)

20-21 Highlights of CE Changes - YouTube Video Presentation (July 15, 2020)

19-20 Medical Reading Books

HATS Instruction Sheets

Selecting an Event and Preparing:

20-21: What Competitive Event is Right for You? A flow chart that asks students questions to help them determine the best competitive event for them.

19-20: Gotta Have it Chart - State Advisor Version - in pdf and in word ( A list of everything state personnel needs to prepare to host the events) 

19-20: Master Competitive Event Resource List A list of all the books and online resources used for each event

19-20 Event Characteristics Profile A summary chart showing the components of each event

19-20  Competitive Event Abbreviations  A list of the event abbreviations - helpful listing of all events in the HOSA CE Program. 

19-20 HOSA Week Proclamation 


Event Samples: 

Competitive Event Samples

Sample Forensic Science Case Study

Sample Parliamentary Procedure Problem

HOSA Bowl Seeding Charts: 

HOSA Bowl Seeding Chart - 32 Competitors
HOSA Bowl Seeding Chart - 16 Competitors
HOSA Bowl Seeding Chart - 8 Competitors

Curriculum Resources:

National Health Science Standards Competitive Events Crosswalk 

Common Career Technical Core Crosswalk

Competitive Events and the Common Core State Standards

HOSA--Project Lead The Way Biomedical Science Curriculum Crosswalk

HOSA--Project Lead The Way Middle School Crosswalk

NAF Academy of Health Sciences Curriculum Crosswalk

STEM Crosswalk

Event History:

Medical Reading List History

Other Events - History of Topics