2020-2021 Competitive Events Guidelines

HOSA Handbook Section B - The HOSA Competitive Events Program:

  • Enhances Leadership 
  • Supports Technical Development
  • Guides competition at the local, district/regional, state, and international levels

The Competitive Event Program Consists of the Following:

  • General Rules and Regulations - rules pertaining to all competitors in all events
  • Competitive Event Appendices - additional forms and processes used as part of the CE Program
  • Specific Competitive Event Guideline files (found below) which include competency based performance rating sheets. 


Area/Regional/State HOSA Event Managers: Equipment and supplies needed to run and organize competitions, can be found HERE. This information is no longer written as a part of the event guidelines. 

Scholarship Opportunities: HOSA offers numerous scholarships every year to its members interested in pursuing a variety of health careers. For more information, please visit http://www.hosa.org/scholarships. 

A History / Summary of the CE Program (Section B) can be found HERE.

Middle School Events 


9.17.2020  Healthy Lifestyle - Points for the reference page have been added to the rating sheet. 

Secondary and Postsecondary/Collegiate Events 

Health Science Events


10.15.2020 Info has been added to the Medical Spelling re: discount code for Taber's for individuals & a link for advisors.

Health Professions Events

9.23.2020 Nursing Assisting & Personal Care Clarification has been made to Skill V steps #7 & #8.

9.20.2020  Clinical Specialty - The Work-based Summary and Learning and the Professional Verification Letter have been deleted due to limitations in facility access due to Covid.

10.6.2020 Medical Assisting - Links for the fillable pdfs in skill II and skill III have been added.

Emergency Preparedness Events


Leadership Events


9.17.2020  Healthy Lifestyle - Points for the reference page have been added to the rating sheet. 

Teamwork Events


Recognition Events



National Geographic Learning Academic Testing Center 

(Secondary, Postsecondary/Collegiate and Alumni)


**Student must be classified under the provision of the 2004 reauthorized Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) to participate.