3rd USA Science and Engineering Expo

The 3rd USA Science & Engineering Festival Expo was held Saturday, April 26 and Sunday, April 27 in Washington D.C., at the Walter W. Washington Convention Center.  The event was an effort to advance STEM education and inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers.


Exceptional exhibitors, performers, and speakers were in attendance. Exhibitors ranged from the National Institute of Health to Walmart and from the National Science Foundation to the Environmental Protection Agency. There were numerous hands-on activities for visitors as well as a college fair and a job fair. Astronauts, scientists, athletes, and celebrities were involved in some of the attractions, and were sharing their messages and signing autographs. A few of interest were Bill Nye, Mike Rowe, David Pogue, Apollo Robbins, Miss California, and HOSA’s keynote speaker for the 2014 NLC, Dr. Michio Kaku!


There were thousands of visitors at the festival including many young children, school-aged children, and adults. HOSA had engineers, scientists, healthcare professionals, such as, physicians, podiatrist, and pharmacists visit our booth from surrounding states, and as far away as Tennessee and California. We heard that local visitors attended the entire weekend to attempt to see all of the exhibits.


The HOSA–Future Health Professionals booth had a “mystery box” for children to feel and guess some health-related items such as a stethoscope and safety goggles. The box also, had “glow germs” and visitors were able to see the florescent germs on their hands under a black light. The biggest attractions were a pair of healthy pig lungs and a set of unhealthy pig lungs. The healthy pig lungs had an endotracheal tube attached to an ambu bag, and HOSA members staffing the booth were able to demonstrate how healthy lungs inflated and deflated. Visitors put on a glove and were able to feel the difference between healthy lungs and diseased lungs. The officers and advisors shared the good news about HOSA while providing brochures, pens, highlighters, and hand sanitizers.


Sponsors, exhibitors, performers, volunteers and attendees all contributed to a successful 3rd USA Science & Engineering Festival! More than 325,000 people celebrated science over four days, including the X-STEM Symposium, Sneak Peek Friday and the two-day Finale Expo. It was a great experience first time for HOSA. The next USA Science & Engineering Festival Expo is a must see for all! A special thanks to Dr. Peg Enslen, DE HOSA State Advisor who planned the exhibit with assistance from local chapter advisor, Mrs. Jean Ann Crowe, and HOSA members: Yulianna Briceno, Joanna Magana, and Tiddy Mauti. http://www.usasciencefestival.org