Surgeon General Announces Turn the Tide Rx Campaign

HOSA-Future Health Professionals was honored to have Surgeon General Vivak Murthy with us at HOSA's 2016 International Leadership Conference and we are pleased to join his Turn the Tide Rx movement against the opioid epidemic.  Every day, more than 75 people in our country die from a prescription drug or heroin overdose. In 2013, nearly 249 million prescriptions were written for opioids – enough for every adult in America to have a bottle of pills. A significant factor in the opioid epidemic is legally written prescriptions from doctors, dentists, nurse practitioners and physician assistants.

As future healthcare professionals, the members of HOSA encourage prescribers including doctors, nurse practitioners, dentists, physician assistants as well as health care advocates to lead the effort to turn the tide on this epidemic in our country. 
As part of his Turn the Tide opioid campaign, the U.S. Surgeon General, Dr. Vivek Murthy, has launched As the digital home of the campaign, the site offers clinicians practical tools, information, and in-the-trenches stories from colleagues offering their insights into the epidemic.
As a show of commitment, Dr. Murthy is urging healthcare leaders to join the movement and take the clinician pledge at
We also urge you to spread the news. We hope you will join the movement and be a part of the solution. Together we can turn the tide. 

About Turn the Tide Rx

Turn the Tide Rx is a national campaign created to enable “prescribers talking to prescribers.” Turn the Tide Rx aims to educate prescribers about the opioid epidemic, mobilize health care professionals to improve prescribing practices, provide the public with information to protect themselves and their families from opioid misuse and overdose, learn from communities around the country that are finding creative ways to tackle the opioid epidemic, and change the cultural perceptions around addiction so that it is not seen as a moral failing but a chronic illness that must be treated with skill, urgency and compassion.