HOSA Meets with White House Officials

On June 1, the National Coordinating Council of the Career and Technical Student Organizations (NCC-CTSOs) was invited to a listening session with Secretary Betsy DeVos.  The meeting was organized by the Office of Public Liaison which is led by Director George Sifakis, Assistant to the President, who welcomed the CTSO delegations consisting of a national student officer, an industry employer, and the organization's executive director. 

HOSA Executive Director Dr. Jim Koeninger, CVS Health Partner Mr. Ernest Dupont, and HOSA President Elizabeth Carnesi attended the meeting for HOSA-Future Health Professionals.

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos joined the working group and HOSA’s representatives to learn more about the CTSOs and how to eliminate any barriers that could be helpful to achieving better outcomes for students and members. The meeting was productive and was a great opportunity for HOSA and its members. We look forward to seeing what the current administration does with this new insigh