Chapter Advisor Resource Guide

Welcome to the HOSA Chapter Advisor Resource Guide! We are hopeful these files, webinars and links will provide information needed to navigate the world of HOSA. This resource is designed with steps to learn about serving in the HOSA Chapter Advisor role. Although there are eleven steps, feel free to skip to the steps or resources you need assistance with right away. Best of luck to you this school year!

Step One: Get to Know HOSA

This section is all about HOSA-Future Health Professionals: Where to find information and organize your HOSA chapter.

Step Two: Get Connected

This section will get you connected with your State Advisor. Your HOSA State Advisor can connect you with other HOSA advisors in your state, as well as keep you up-to-date on state HOSA events.

Step Three: Recruit Students

HOSA wouldn’t exist without its hundreds of thousands of student members. This section will give you videos and resources to recruit students.


Step Four: Affiliate

HOSA membership isn’t official until the chapter is affiliated. This section will provide links to how to affiliate (register) with HOSA.

Step Five: Develop Bylaws

Bylaws don’t have to be scary! This section will provide an introduction to bylaws and why bylaws are important.


Step Six: Role of the HOSA Advisor

Just as HOSA wouldn’t exist without students; HOSA Advisors are the backbone to the organization. This section will provide information about the role of the HOSA Advisor.

Step Seven: Elect Officers

HOSA fosters leadership development. This section focuses on chapter officers and the election process.


Step Eight: Hold Chapter Meetings

Chapter Meetings are the main way to communicate and retain HOSA chapter members. This section provides resources for meeting agendas, meeting minutes and ice breaker examples.


Step Nine: Plan Activities

A chapter activity plan is known as a Program of Work (POW). This section will give ideas for a well-rounded Program of Work, including Financial Leadership Activities (fundraising).



Step Ten: HOSA in the Classroom through Competitive Events

The HOSA Competitive Events Program boasts eighty-one events in seven categories. This section will provide links to Competitive Event resources, updates and ideas to incorporate events into the classroom.


Step Eleven: Attend Conferences

The opportunity to attend a HOSA conference is an experience of a lifetime. This section provides information about the National Leadership Conference. Check with your State Advisor on state or regional leadership conference opportunities in your area.