HOSA Global Leadership Academy!

During the past eight weeks, 259 State Officers representing 43 chartered associations participated in four leadership sessions led by the 2020-2021 Executive Council under the leadership of President Jake Kelley.  Mark Burley served as the Director of Leadership; Jeff Koeninger, the Global Leadership Academy Director; and Bobby Crandall, the Director of Technology.  We thank the 2020-2021 State Officers for being a part of this unique leadership program during this COVID year.

The Global Leadership Academy was designed to help HOSA State Officers to become more compassionate and goal-driven through several leadership and personal development topics as well as have the opportunity to host several HOSA leaders, HOSA, Inc. Board Chair. HOSA Executive Director and HOSA Director of Competitive Events.  

Key Learnings included:

  • Enneagram Profiles and Characteristics
  • HOSA Basic Knowledge
  • HOSA Recruitment Practices
  • HOSA Service Project: Be The Match
  • HOSA Elevator Speech
  • Body Language
  • Leadership Demonstration
  • Plan of Work 

Jason Huff, HOSA, Inc. Board Chair, reminded the State Officers that they needed to see their roles differently and understand that “One Person Can Make a Difference.”   He reminded the State Officers of several qualities that all great leaders possess:  self-awareness; recognition of their worth; learn to take baby steps; and remember to be mindful – people are influenced by what leaders do rather than what they say!

Bergen Morehouse, Director of Competitive Events, shared tips on how State Officers could enhance the videos they are producing to help their members succeed in virtual events. Not only did Ms. Morehouse share many useful resources for preparation, she also reminded us of the goal – competitive events are just one part of the HOSA journey!

Dr. Jim Koeninger, Ph.D., Executive Director, reminded the leadership teams of a quote by Zig Ziglar, “You can have everything in life you want, if you help enough other people get what they want!”  This quote will help state leadership teams to focus on all the things that can done for HOSA members in each state and, by doing so, HOSA’s year will be a success!  He also shared that he hoped State Officer teams would help local HOSA chapters understand new and different ways to implement HOSA in their classroom virtually.  And, to focus on membership recruitment given the dramatic impact COVID has had on the 2020-2021 membership year.

During GLA, state officer teams were challenged to create several team projects and the Executive Council presented awards at the final session for outstanding submissions. The winners are listed below.  To see the winning submission, click on the state name!  A special thanks to all chartered association that submitted entries.

HOSA State Recruitment Video

  1. China HOSA
  2. New Jersey HOSA
  3. Texas HOSA

HOSA State Elevator Speech

  1. Georgia HOSA
  2. Tennessee HOSA
  3. Alabama HOSA

HOSA State Activities Video

  1. Texas HOSA
  2. North Carolina HOSA
  3. Delaware HOSA

Additional Special Recognition for Plan of Work

  • Best use of Social Media: Alabama HOSA
  • Most Ambitious: Delaware HOSA
  • Most Inclusive of Stakeholders: Virginia HOSA
  • Miss Congeniality: Michigan HOSA
  • Most Innovative: California HOSA
  • Snazziest Design: Tennessee HOSA
  • Best Formatting and All-Around Best Plan: Wisconsin HOSA

HOSA’s leadership is committed to helping each of you unlock your potential as you support your chartered associations.  Congratulations on striving to become a better leader!

Please download the GLA Certificate of Completion at the link below:

GLA Certificate of Completion