Congratulations to Covington High School HOSA and Maquoketa High School HOSA

Two outstanding HOSA chapters will be recognized for MRC Youth Engagement Awards this month. The MRC Youth Engagement Award honors MRC units that have successfully promoted the utilization of youth in their local mission. They also provided young people with opportunities to participate in public health, preparedness, or response activities.


Goodheart-Willcox Outstanding Service Award

Goodheart-Willcox Publisher strongly believes in the HOSA mission and is honored to be a partner in educating and training today’s young people to be tomorrow’s health professionals. As a result, Goodheart-Willcox will recognize three local HOSA chapter advisors, one from each HOSA region, who have made outstanding contributions of local, regional, state and/or national significance to the promotion, development, and progress of HOSA–Future Health Professionals with an unrestricted cash award of $2000 each.

2016-17 HOSA, Inc. Board of Directors

The HOSA-Future Health Professionals announced the election of its board officers. The HOSA, Inc. Board of Directors conducted an election the 2016 Chairman, Chair-Elect, and Board Secretary.



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